Just WtF?????

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Just WtF?????

Post  ExValue on Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:15 pm

Owner of the server.... Just Wtf is going on??? Since when Gm's Can flow the server and say that something is Buggie or something is Not??? I think that Only moderators and members with access lvl more than 100 Have that Privilage!!! Gm BlackDeath told us that if we want him to fix A minor bug he has to wipe our chars!!!! Pardon me But... Hellooooo???? He doesn't have that privvilage !!! Suspect If this is the kind of Gm u wanna use to help yourself and your server... then i am sorry for 2 diffrent things...
1st of all.... I am sorry for you cause u spend all that money monthly and people here just can't help 1:server 2 themselves too -.-'
2nd and last... For every player in here that keeps playing without flaming actions like that.....

i add a scrshot bellow showing Gm telling that if he won't take our zaken's earrings then he will wipe us...
Ok... Thnx for the choise dude :@

Sorry 'bout my language and my full mouth but these actions need the proper manage...

Hope to understand...
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