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Got Bored....

Post  ExValue on Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:01 pm

Ok... Admin... or whatever u whould like to call your self...... 1st of all i whould like to thank you for providing us with a free l2 server to play.... and compete with each other.... But i can't just can't see the point in which u act careless about the whole community in here =/
I could understand if it was for 5-7 or even more 14 days... but since a month u guys just Dissapeared.... confused
i am wondering if the server got rr once since that day :/
Plz.... I beg ya.... Find some time to spare with us.... There are several bugs that tottaly wreck the logical going of gameplay :/
and some others that won't let us even do some quests that provide us with items and etc.....
It's just that.... Commmeeee on guys!!! U pay for this server :O
At least try to make it nice and be usefull.... otherwishe... Try to find a guy in the server that won't corrupt and put him as a side gm :/
People are growing anger and there are already complainings and some other are thinking about leaving :/

PS: the server crashes without reason and the log in server too at random times each day :/

With all the Respect:

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